Cultures of Occupation in Twentieth Century Asia


Cultures of Occupation in Twentieth Century Asia (COTCA) is a European Research Council-supported project (funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme: Grant Number 682081) which explores how foreign occupation, in various forms, has influenced cultural expression in East and Southeast Asia in the modern era.

This site is home to COTCA’s Digital Archive. The archive holds primary source materials collected in various archives and libraries around the world, and organised according to case studies undertaken under the COTCA Project. The case study which is currently “live” is that relating to the visual history of Japanese-occupied China. Users of the archive can search and learn about various forms of visual culture which were produced and/or circulated during the Japanese occupation of China in the period between 1937 and 1945.

Data from other case studies will be uploaded in due course. We will also be adding multi-language functions to the site in the near future.

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