About the Digital Archive

The COTCA Digital Archive holds (and makes publicly accessible) data relating to its case studies (e.g., “The Japanese occupation of China, 1937-1945”). The materials in each case study are drawn from collections held in various archives and libraries around the world, with details of the provenance of such data attached to each item. By collating materials held in various collections, the COTCA Team makes it possible for users to examine materials that have, in many cases, not been digitised before. It also enables users to trace visual and other themes across specific periods, and across different parts of “occupied” Asia.

The COTCA Project acknowledges the assistance of staff at the Asian Reading Room at the Library of Congress; the East Asia Library and the Hoover Institution at Stanford University; the Asia Department of the British Museum; the Imperial War Museum; the National Archives (London); and Shanghai Library’s Modern Documents Reading Room.